About Our Canines


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Our History

Officer Moyster and Alamo

Alamo is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois. He enjoys his work which includes searching for illegal drugs and patrol work. Alamo is originally from the Czech Republic so his commands are in Czech. When he’s not at work he likes to spend his time going for long hikes, swimming in the creek and retrieving tennis balls.

Officer Barber and Jax

Jax is a 5 year old Belgian Malinois. Jax is originally from Hungary and came to NLRPD in August of 2015. He is a dual purpose K9 which consists of patrol work and explosive detection. Jax truly enjoys coming to work every day and working in all parts of North Little Rock. During his off time, he enjoys playing outside, relaxing in the house and swimming any chance he gets.

Officer Smith and Stryker


Stryker is an 8 year-old Belgian Malinois. Stryker was born in France then, imported to the United States to be a North Little Rock PD K9.
He is the oldest dog in the K9 Division. Although he is the old man in the unit, he loves getting in the patrol car and going to work every day. When at home he is generally sleeping or playing with his Pit Bull sister. Stryker is very loyal and attached to his pack.
Stryker is trained as a dual purpose narcotic / patrol dog. This covers a very large area of responsibility, but he loves a challenge. His favorite part of the job is playing hide and seek. He loves finding new people who will play with him. While on patrol Stryker enjoys watching people through his unit window and saying high whenever he can. He is always alert and focused on the task at hand.
Stryker’s favorite toy is anything that his human is holding. He loves belly rubs and bath time. He is very partial to stuffed animals, pillows, furniture, blankets, dish towels, lawn ornaments, water hoses, and the list could go on.


Officer Stroud and Koba

Koba is a 1 and a 1/2 year old Belgian Malinois. Koba came to North Little Rock from Holland in January of 2019. Koba is trained in narcotic detection, tracking, and suspect apprehension. Koba looks forward to work from the beginning to the end of his shift. While not working or training, Koba likes to play tug, go for a run, and playing fetch


Officer T. Barber and Rakkie

Rakkie was born on March 1st 2017 in Europe. He is a two year old Dual Purpose Belgian Malinois trained in detecting marijuana, cocaine, meth, and heroin. K9 Rakkie is also used in the tracking and apprehension of suspects. K9 Rakkie enjoys hanging with his family, swimming and playing ball


Sergeant Lyon and Tio

Tio is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois.  He was born in Belgium then imported to the United States by a civilian in Mountain Home. The civilian in turn donated Tio to the North Little Rock Police Department.   Prior to accepting Tio, our training officer conducted a thorough evaluation of him to determine if he would be qualified for our program. Tio passed with flying colors. We are extremely grateful to the citizen from Mountain Home that contacted us with the opportunity of Tio. There are very few times when a citizen believes a K9 would be a qualified Police dog, that the dog actually passes the evaluation. Tio was the first dog in 20 years to be accepted as a donation.

Tio is a dual purpose Explosive/Patrol dog. He is our newest Explosive dog. Tio loves to locate explosive odors and show off his abilities.  When Tio is at work he also loves to bump your leg with his head to let you know that he needs attention. 

Tio lives at home with his brother, a Jack Russel/Corgi mix and his sister a Ridgeback. His brother and sister enjoy chasing and barking at Tio every day when Tio and his handler play fetch. His brother will routinely walk under him, which seems to amuse Tio.

Tio’s favorite toy is an item that can be thrown and returned. He loves chasing water as it comes out of the hose and disassembling anything with stuffing.

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